Custom Iron Projects

Bobby's Fireplace

wrought-iron fireplace doors

Having a unique contemporary style for his home inside and out is definitely what we achieved with Bobby’s custom wrought-iron fireplace.

Take a look at Bobby’s Contemporary Iron Door.

Skates's Doggie Doors

A unique great way to keep your doggies indoors but limited to a specific area is with a detailed set of hand-wrought iron doggie doors. Our Duomo Team of artisans and installers are always committed on achieving the highest quality in each one of our projects!

Brian's Windows

wrought iron windows

These wrought-iron windows for Brian’s home are perfectly insulated to help save energy and provide an elegant touch that matches nicely with the home’s design.

Al's Project

custom made wrought iron double door

This beautiful iron door for our friend Al, gave us the opportunity to embed the family symbol into a high quality long lasting hand-wrought iron front door for his home.

This is a custom door model.

Take a look at all of our Hand-wrought Iron Projects

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