Contemporary Door Projects

Bobby's Project

The whole concept in Bobby’s contemporary iron door project became a reality thanks to our skilled team or wrought-iron artisans who always give the best attention to details from beggining to end.

This is a custom door model.

Xue's Project

Amazing style and security is always found in any of our hand-wrought iron doors, the modern look of the ironwork and the sidelight for Xue’s project speaks for itself.

This is The Vigo door model.

Forbau's Project

It’s all about the visual balance and stylish accent that the Forbau’s single iron door brings to their home, this is the perfect example of merging classic architectural features with contemporary details.

This is a custom door model.

Northgrove's Project

A nice simple front iron door style that allowed a lot of natural light into Northgrove’s property was the well achieved objective for this project. A contemporary wrought-iron door always adds a touch of elegance to any property.

This is The Vigo door model.

Jaya's Project

This amazing wrought-iron double door model allows a great amount of natural light to come inside Jaya’s beautiful home. With a minimalist design, the straight lines and clear glass adds a nice contemporary touch to the frontage of the house.

This is The Alicante door model.

Robertson's Project

Robertson’s single iron door perfectly portraits the elegant style that simplicity can add to a main entrance. We’re commited to work alongside all of our clients to meet every special requirement or idea they have for their ironworks project.

This is The Andalucia door model with kickplate.

DTH's Project

The contemporary iron double doors for DTH’s project blend to perfection with the modern frontage of the house. We at Duomo Iron Doors take pride in offering to all our clients the most detailed finishes and flawless installation.

This is The Alicante door model.

Ike's Project

Ike’s single iron door provides his home with security and a nice modern look. Our hand-wrought iron contemporary doors are the perfect blend between security and detailed finishes.

This is a custom door model.

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