Home Security

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Houston and surrounding suburbs registered a home break-in rate crime of 40.9 crimes per 1,000 residents in 2018. Home break-ins can take minutes to be performed if the house does not have a resistant security system. Houses with a weak wood door can be easily broken into.

Nowadays, more and more people see the need of protecting their home and their loved ones with a safe and strong door.

How about a stylish Contemporary Iron Door for your home?

Duomo Iron Doors has seen these statistics and has developed an iron security door custom made that goes beyond on safety standards. Our doors keep their luxury style and design on every detail and provide the owner peace of mind by keeping the housebreakers away. The door counts with a double pane tempered glass that has the latest technology and durability with an overall thickness of ⅝” which allows the glass to stay in place even after being hit.

The glass comes on many different designs that provide privacy and style to your home. Nonetheless, on surveys and statistics made at Duomo, all the people who have installed our security doors had not had any break-in problem and our customer total satisfaction reaches its peaks everyday; that is the most important fact for us. We can proudly assure that Duomo Iron Doors handly manufactures resistant and safe doors.